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Rapid. Secure. Confidential. Affordable.

Using our online platform, a growing number of forward-thinking small and medium-sized corporations and financial institutions are leaving disbursement and payroll to us so they can focus on building the future. They’ve found that we offer a simple, easy to use software platform with

  • Lower costs
  • Improved security
  • A higher level of confidentiality
  • Faster transactions

The choice is yours when it comes to accounting fintech solutions.
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Our Credentials

We are BSI Group LLC, with a bank sector and financial services parentage that dates to 1999. We have processed tens of thousands of electronic (non-cash) transactions using our proprietary technology.

Our founder and Chairman, Glenn Ault, is widely known and respected in the financial services industry. Our co-Founder and COO, Javier Goicochea, has decades of experience, as well as senior management responsibilities.

With 16 employees operating out of our offices in Illinois, Missouri and Florida, we maintain all required certifications as well as professional affiliations with banking organizations and Federal regulatory authorities.

All services are offered online only. The company does not operate branches nor work with agents. We are purpose-built for businesses like yours.

Broadly experienced in domestic and international transactions,
our staff has a deep understanding of the operations of small
to medium-sized businesses and financial institutions.
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Glenn Ault, Founder and Chairman

Our Mission

BSI Group strives to offer accounts payable and payroll disbursements services, providing at least the same security levels as standard bank transactions, with higher service quality and lower costs. We will use the most advanced procedures for the security of all transactions, full automation of processes, and aggregation of transfers. Our employees will be rigorously vetted for their skills, character and experience.

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